Some NYC Magic Part 1

So I have been thinking about starting a blog for a long time. I didn’t know how or when to start. I visited NYC this weekend and thought..what else could more interesting to write about than NYC? Not much right?! So here you go, Part 1 of a detailed description of a 24 hr NYC stay through my eyes. Enjoy!

If you know me, you know that I have a slight obsession with EVERYTHING Lauren Graham/Gilmore Girls. If you don’t know too will also know this as an accurate fact very soon! So there should be no surprise that when I got wind of the “Gilmore Guys” live show in NYC, I was going to find a way to go! Now for those of you that don’t know who Gilmore Guys are, they are 2 guys who simply started a podcast 2 yrs ago. The podcast goes over every single Gilmore Girls episode, EVER. WHO gets this job! How lucky are these guys?! Anyway I could go on and on about Gilmore Girls related things, but that can be a whole other post! The point is this show prompted my first solo trip to NYC for the weekend.

I drove in mid day on Saturday right through the heart of Times Square. Within seconds of seeing the buildings and hustle and bustle of TS, I was immediately weirdly soothed by it. I was back! I was back in one of the few places on earth that makes me happy! I darted through traffic like I had lived in NYC my whole life. May I just add that driving in NYC is one of my favorite things about that city. See if you drive like I may or may not drive in NH the way you drive in NYC ( cutting off every car in your way, nearly taking out any and all pedestrians who walked at the wrong time) you would get some not so friendly hand gestures or dirty glares out the drivers side window. Nope, not there, not in NYC. I swear the cab drivers air high fived me as I smoothly weaved in and out of traffic. Ah, my people..they get me!

I eventually ended up in Hell’s Kitchen, where I would be spending my night. Parking was my least fave part. Although I did eventually find FREE parking after 7pm and ALL day Sunday, so that was sweet! I scored a sweet deal at an Air B&B in HK. I was a bit nervous about staying at someone else’s house. I messaged the guy renting and he quickly buzzed me into his apartment. The staircase was narrow, the hallways legit were barely the width of me, and the smell of hot garbage shot up my nose. I thought to myself “well this is about as authentic as an NYC stay gets”. I met my host for the evening. He was super nice, a photographer who had  moved to NYC from San Fransisco. We had that in common ( the photographer part that is) so we chatted a bit about that. He showed me around his small apartment and explained the details and rules. He told me the neighborhood was safe and a very gay community. I would later find that out to be VERY true as I made my way through a sea of the most feminine, gorgeous, shirtless men I had ever seen on my walk to Times Square. Honestly one pt I just laughed to myself thinking, I had literally plopped myself in the middle of gay pride central. Which by the way I had no problem with and actually felt much safer because of that!

After changing and getting myself looking half human again, I decided to take a drive around 6pm to wait for the free parking to kick in at 7. I found a Target just about 15 mins away. Perfect! What I did not know is where exactly it was located. It wasn’t until on my drive back through that I noticed how run down the part of the city I was in looked. Garbage, barred windows ( not uncommon, but like EVERY window) everywhere, it was also really populated compared to where I had just come from. Then I realized…I was in Harlem. Harlem..the same place many friends had told me to stay in during my visit because it had “cleaned” up in recent yrs. I am not certain those friends weren’t trying to get me mugged! I am also NOT prejudice, but I was the single only white person through the ENTIRE drive. I kid you not. Anyways, that was fun.

Later on, after I was still on a high from finding FREE parking in NYC on the rd right next to where I was staying, I went back to get ready for the Gilmore Guy’s show.So listen, I have to say I tried really hard to look good. I mean after all I was in NYC and it was Fashion week. The problem was, the humidity in NYC that day was like 110%. I happen to have some sweet thick,frizzy,curly hair. Humidity is NOT my friend. I straightened my hair, put on a dress and jean jacket, threw on some flops and was good to go. Feeling like a boss I walked out of the apartment onto the st, and just like that, all my hard work had been ruined. My hair now looked like I would have fit in on Broadway in the ‘Lion King’ show. Poop, oh well. Story of my life!

Eventually I stopped looking at my reflection and started focusing on the fact that in just one short hour I would be engrossed in everything Gilmore. As I got closer the the Playstation Theater in Times Square, I could see the big sign “Gilmore Guy’s: A Stars Hollow Live Meeting”. To say I was a tad excited would be an understatement. I was like a kid on Christmas morning! Now what I hadn’t mentioned to anyone is I snagged my ticket from a “Gilly” ( Gilmore Guy’s fan) on Twitter. So, I had been communicating with 3 girls from NYC for a couple weeks. I finally met up with them before the show. Super nice, all from Long Island, literally felt like I knew them forever! We all talked about how excited we were and commented on how long the line of people was to get into the show. We were like ” OMG we are not the ONLY ones obsessed with this show!”.

The show was great, funny, interesting and so relatable. The show ended with everyone singing “Where you lead” by Carol King, together. Can you even picture this?! A bunch of Gilmore Girls freaks happily singing in harmony. Lucky for everyone on my Facebook, they didn’t have to picture it because I recorded that sweet moment and shared it for all to see. I was in Heaven. Again MY PEOPLE!! Oh also, Mara Wilson was the surprise guest. If her name doesn’t ring a bell here’s some help. “Matilda”, “Miracle on 34th St”…get it yet? Anyways, she is great and it was exciting to see her!

After the show I bid farewell to my new friends, who said to let them know when I was in town for my birthday! I then had to make my way back through Times Square. SHOOT ME. Seriously it was almost midnight and it was shoulder to shoulder there. Also the humidity was still 110% and the typical sewage smell of NYC was even worse. Hot, smelly, sticky, smelled like my dogs rotten breath kind of smell. Are you imagining that? It was rank!

I made it back to Hell’s Kitchen a little bit after midnight. The bars were hopping. Every bar had a sign in front “best gay bar around”. .. I got a slice of pizza and went back to the apartment to rest up for day 2.

Well if you read through this, KUDOs to you bud! I will make another post for day 2 in case I lost anyone on this one.




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