NYC Magic Conclusion

I am sure the excitement from my last post had you up all night wondering what could have possibly taken place on my second and final day in NYC?! What’s that? Oh you had no problem sleeping. Well regardless here my friends is part 2 of my detailed description of my NYC trip.

Sunday morning came super quick, as I had a hard time falling asleep the night before. I’ve always had a hard time sleeping in the dark, more so at places I have never slept before. The bed I was in was actually super comfy and once I did fall asleep I slept great! I woke up at 6:30am Sunday morning. As much as I wanted to sleep in, I didn’t want to waste a New York minute by sleeping in! I quietly got ready ( by getting ready I mean throwing my already frizzy crazy hair back and calling it good) as I was worried I would wake my hosts.

I walked out of the apartment and back into the oh so fresh smell of old garbage. Good morning NYC! The first thing I did was walk around the corner and down the street to make sure that my car was indeed parked in free parking and not towed. I imagined the worst, but to my delight my car was parked nicely where I had left it late Saturday evening. PHEW! Now on with my day.

The awesome thing about where I stayed was its convenience to everything. Not only was I just a 10 minute walk from Times Square, but I was also a short 15 minute walk over to Central Park. Which just happens to be one of my absolute fave spots in the city! I arrived at the park to a slew of people walking their dogs. Oh crap, now I started to miss my dogs. I also wished I had such well behaved dogs as these people! I awkwardly smiled and said hi to almost every dog that I passed, as their owners looked over strangely at me ( you know, like those moms who can’t even believe you would smile or say hi to their cute adorable baby).

I made my way up one of the giant rock hills there to a nice breezy spot with a view. I pulled out my snapchat and took a video of me sitting in that spot #serenity. My serenity quickly came to a stop when a nice foreign family made their way into my bubble and broke the silence. So off I went to walk around the park a bit more. There’s no surprise when it comes to homeless people in NYC. It just seemed to be more than normal this time. There were dozens of people curled up in balls on the lawns of Central Park. I felt bad for them, but at the same time was thinking “damn I could’ve saved a lot of money staying here last night” ( kidding, kidding).

After about an hour at Central Park I decided to make my way to the subway to Brooklyn. I took the subway from Columbus Square. I have without a doubt gotten lost on almost every subway I have taken in NYC. I was hopeful this time that I would find my way to Brooklyn without any problems. Luckily I ran into a few nice subway goers who assured me I was on the right track ( ha literally ). I made it to Brooklyn, super surprised and proud of myself for being a big kid and getting there mostly on my own. Walking out of the subway I had to climb about 100 stairs to get outside. If you know me, you can imagine how that went. I got to the top and looked like I had just run a marathon. As I huffed and puffed I looked around realizing “CRAP! I am not even at Brooklyn Bridge”. Duh, the subway doesn’t take you directly there. So I had to pull out my phone after asking a local who could not give me directions to the bridge.As I pulled my GPS out and started walking, the area got a lil quiet and was mostly going under the bridges down not so pretty areas of Brooklyn. There was this man walking near me outside of the subway who I decided to ask directions from as well when my GPS started going nuts. He explained he was there on a business trip from Europe and was just passing through for the day before he headed out to Seattle later that afternoon. My GPS kicked in and I then had a walking buddy who walked with me to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. I bid farewell to my handsome European walking partner and went on my way.

Brooklyn Bridge was probably one of the coolest sites I had seen yet in NYC. I snapped some pictures and then walked over to the benches that sat directly across the river from where the World Trade Center buildings used to stand. Sunday happened to be 9/11. I had no intentions of making my way down to Battery Park that day because I knew the crowds would be large. The view from the other side was well worth the trip to Brooklyn. It was peaceful, I sat there in the quiet and the breeze blew and imagined what it looked like that day 15 years before. It was one of my favorite moments of my trip.

After spending a good amount of time at the park I went to get some information on the East Side Ferry (which I took but was a horrible idea as I have horrible motion sickness). I wanted to visit this Milk Bar in Brooklyn. I wanted to visit this because my girl Lauren Graham mentioned this chain as one of her faves and I thought how cool, now I must go. So I did. I hopped on the ferry to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. From that stop it was another 20 min walk to the milk bar. That walk was interesting. Very neat, the buildings were neat, the art was neat. I didn’t feel unsafe in any of those areas. I did pass a disturbing graffiti art of a rabid looking squirrel though.

I made it to the Milk Bar. Which is a chain bakery of the NYC restaurants “Momofuku”. It was a tiny lil place but super cute. I got some bread thing with a baked egg in it. It was absolutely delish and low priced! I sat down outside and watched as locals whizzed by with their kids on their scooters. Then realized again I needed to find the subway. No problem, some nice dad with his little kid directed me towards the nearest subway.

The subway ride back to Times Square was long. So long that I went to the very last stop on one line and then had to switch trains. On the last train there was a homeless man walking around, never looking anyone directly in the eyes saying “Please help  brother out, I am starving, I haven’t eaten today. Please, if everyone just gives 10 cents it will help me. Please don’t let me starve.” I am the BIGGEST sucker for these people. I always feel horrible! I watched as almost everyone made fun of this guy and rolled their eyes. Granted he was very strange, but I felt really bad.

While I am on the topic of being the biggest sucker.. Every corner of Times Square has someone handing out samples or full CDs of their music. I avoided most of them by not making eye contact or pretending to be on my phone. There was one group who sucked me in. I felt bad because I could see everyone saying no to them or just ignoring them in general. So I told the guy that I would take a CD to listen to on my ride back home to NH. He said ok, let me sign it. He signed it to “Miss Cute Booty”, super classy. He then explained that they were taking donations. So I reached in my purse and gave him five dollars. He goes ” Ohhh, we were actually hoping for at least $10″.  In my head I was all like ” ARE.YOU.FREAKIN.KIDDING.ME. I actually took a CD and gave you something towards it and you are going to say that”. Out loud I said “I’m sorry ,I am here for a short trip and am on a budget”. Then I left and was back on my way to the apartment.

I got back to the apartment and quickly plugged in my phone. Seriously guys, my phone is ALWAYS dying! Then for the next hour, with no phone to look at, no tv and nothing but the sound of my hosts watching some weird anime type movie, I just sat and thought about my day. Finally I decided I needed to get on the road. Sadly, I checked of of my new NYC friends house and walked back to my car. I took a quick drive by Radio City Music Hall and a few other places on my way out. Farewell my happy place, until next time!

For a super interesting NYC adventure come back in December as I spend 4 days in NYC for my 30th Birthday!



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